Mike is a highly sought after performer, public speaker and special events host. He is noted for being able to positively engage vastly different audiences with professional consistency. Some of the foundations, non-profits and organizations he has served include:



“Mike Ellison is an inspirational artist who happens to be a talented musician.  He uses his music to make the world a better place.  His appearance on my radio show, American Voices, produced a wave of positive listener responses.”

ROB COLLIER / President, Council of Michigan Foundations

“Thought provoking, energizing, amazing, brilliant, authentic, awesome – all used by the 500 plus foundation participants to describe Mike Ellison for his three performances as artist in residence for our 44th annual conference in September 2016.”


“The GM Foundation has partnered with Mike on several community outreach initiatives to help support Detroit schools and students and reports that he has a unique ability to inform, challenge and inspire today’s young people to be the best they can be.”

JUANITA MOORE / President & CEO, The Wright Museum of African-American History

“Mike Ellison is a true artist, capable of connecting cultures, genres, and generations. Demonstrating profound comprehension of our education mission, his concerts and productions are among the most entertaining and popular that this institution presents to the public.”

DON WAS / 3-Time Grammy Winning Record Producer and Musician

“Mike Ellison has reached deep into the creative ether and tapped into something primordial and timeless. He’s summoned-up the spirits of his Detroit and African heritage to create a contemporary musical stew unlike any other…He’s a visionary, a shaman and an awesome musician!”


Mike Ellison is one of the great storytellers of the true history of African Americans. Heritage is essential to a people’s sense of themselves and their place in human history and Mike has found a unique way to help draw that connection in message and music. He is simultaneously uber hip and remarkably wise – an irresistible combination.”


“I’ve seen Mike Ellison perform and speak on several occasions before vastly distinct and diverse audiences, from community fundraisers to executive level black tie events. In each scenario, Mike demonstrated the ability to captivate the audience while making the event truly memorable and inspiring.”